Welcome to the home of Tony Mrakovich, NASCAR driver from Elizabethtown, PA. In 2018, Tony made his debut in NASCAR’s Xfinity series after competing in ARCA, the World Karting Association and Legends Series since 2007. Check back often for news and updates as Tony ascends through the ranks of NASCAR!

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2 months ago
Agreed, watched it all day. I’d be ticked too https://t.co/TtLvDYznhG
Bob Pockrass @bobpockrass
More McDowell on the Bowyer wreck: ⁦ @NASCARONFOX#nascar https://t.co/VlqH6vMMX2
2 months ago
RIP Sam Bass. So sad to hear. Probably the kindest man in our sport. Will for sure be missed.


Tony Mrakovich Racing

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Tony Mrakovich Racing
Tony Mrakovich Racing4 weeks ago
Well, said we would fill you in when we got home last night at 3, here it goes! The last 6 months or so have taught us all a ton! We are doing things differently than most and some may wonder why, but I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. It’s the hard way, but I do enjoy doing more than just what I get to do behind the wheel. To explain all the things that happened in the past few days is honestly a fraction of what the last 6 months have been. Basically, getting through tech took longer than we hoped costing us practice time. (Part of the first time out as a PA based team). But what eventually ended our weekend was a fuel pump problem and cost us to just miss putting a lap in the first round of qualifying. Either way. We are on to the next! 🏁🤙✌️ #workhardplayhard
Tony Mrakovich Racing
Tony Mrakovich Racing1 month ago
Gonna go try and make the big show this week @martinsville_speedway. Been a long,eventful journey. But loving what I do everyday and hopefully giving ourselves something to build on in the coming years in the sport. It won’t be pretty at first , but proud to have my name in other angles than just the drivers seat. Time to finally get back in and dig for it!

Rather than compete for championship at a single track, Tony and his family made the conscious decision to race at as many different venues as possible to prepare him for the experience he would have as a NASCAR driver. So far, those decisions have paid off as Tony’s successes in the World Karting Association and Legends series have lead to a ride in ARCA, driving for one of the sport’s veterans Read more about Tony’s career.

Tony Mrakovich grew up on the outskirts of Elizabethtown, PA with his parents, Shane and Andrea, and two brothers. From the age of seven, Tony knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and that was race cars. After racing his bikes and playing with die-cast cars, his family knew it was time to take the next step and Tony began racing go-karts the following year. Soon, every weekend was spent at the race track. Read more.